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Vernacular Madonna mid to late 80s

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As an undergraduate student in the early 1970s I was introduced to the Feminist Art Movement through three visiting artists from NY. Jane Kaufman and Nina Yankowitz left the the women art students with the strongest impressions of who we could become as artists. Kaufman started a few CR groups. I joined one and the freedom to speak to power was liberating. But graduate school was still ahead of me and it turned out to be a bit of a backwater so the urge to speak was met with amusement. It took several years and a period of working through my personal aesthetics to be able to see myself as an empowered being. The paintings in this series reflect the liberation from a past that included strong religious indoctrination and a limitation on expectations of who I could become as a female. Art was a vocation not a career.

Gains and Losses

Madonna in Blue

Madonna in Red