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Remnants 2009-14

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Around 2008 I was working on a large canvas (80" x 110" app) that began to overwhelm me with too m much color and marks. I was working in a studio I built behind my house that was surrounded by hard woods and a well loved garden. But the painting was not working and I could not resolve it so I backed off and rolled it up. I started working on 14 x 11 inch canvases using oil paint and focusing solely on the relationship between figure and ground that was bedeviling me in the big painting. I worked at this size and with this focus for about 4 years until i was ready to return to the problem at a larger scale. Remnants refers to that which is left over on the cutting floor of a costume business. My grandmother and my uncle had a costume business in the basement of his home. I would play with the scraps of colorful fabric conjuring all ma her of fantasies. My eyes have been keen on color ever since.

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